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Submitting a Listing

Once a business submits a paying listing, the listing will be posted on our site and will remain there forever, unless the business asks us to take it down. Business owners can alsocontact us to edit their paid listing, which we will do for free.

If a business chooses to get featured on our home page for an additional fee, it will be featured for 30 days on a slider below the home page’s categories. Businesses can also contact us to renew their featured listing for another 30 days,  if they want.

Privacy Policy doesn’t collect any information, except for the listings submitted to the site. The hosting company might collect anonymous data such as the number of visits and traffic trends but no private information.


  • doesn’t take any responsibility regarding the listings.
  • Each business is responsible for the listing and content they submitted.
  • Free listings were posted based on the information available on businesses’ websites.
  • All businesses are responsible for their own business operation.
  • Comments posted by third-parties are their own responsibility.
  • Any intentioannly misleading or defamatory comment might be deleted by